Coughlins Homespun Yarns
Matamoras, Dauphin Country, 17032

Bio: My name is Tommy Coughlin. I am a storyteller, musician, disabled rights' activist and volunteer. I enable folks to follow their Muse. All nine of them if need be. I was born in the fens of northern New Jersey, raised in the Minisink Hills of Appalachia. Educated in the gorgeous Fingerlakes Region of the Empire State. I moved to the City of Brotherly Love to obtain work and later moved again, back to the Appalachian Hills. I started telling stories when no one believed me when I told the Truth! It is funny. I like to talk. As a Storyteller I know people listen. They may not believe you; but they listen. You can see this. On the Internet people don't listen at all, but they believe you. Your not talking either, your writing and they are reading. There is something magical about this. Is it Readng? Writing? Words? The Internet? I don't know; but talking or writing it is still storytelling. I do know Storytelling is Magical!

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