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Once in a Blue Moon Challenge

Hello everyone, This Website is just being launched today. Never did this before. The website is a Valentine’s Day gift for my wife Susan. Tomorrow is February 14. Today is something different, something very rare. It is February the 13th, 2015. Friday the 13th to be exact. Now it’s a funny thing! Tonight is the Full Moon. Think about that for a minute…

That’s right next month there will be another Friday the 13th and another Full Moon; give or take a quarter day. Happens once in a  Blue Moon, Not! There will be a special no-prize for the the person who figures out the last or next time this occurs. I will not be checking your math! Now in my circles there are a lot of creative people. And I’m going to Share this post with all of them.

Here’s the Challenge: Between now and The Ides of March, March 15,2015 I challenge you to come up with a project in one or more areas of your creative interests that ties together the occurrence of a Blue moon and two consecutive Fridays the Thirteenth. Songs Stories, jokes, needle work origami, a dance or film; whatever floats your boat. No prizes or anything like that. Do it because you want to. Anything that we can put on this website or one of our YT channels we will try to feature. No guarantees but that’s my game plan. By the way don’t post your project until at least March 10. That’s my birthday! Challenge ends on the ides of March.

Edit: My Astronomical adviser, Susan told me over dinner that it isn’t a full moon tonight. Okay the Challenge still stands the conditions are perhaps a little less difficult but an interesting challenge none the less. I might feel like a fool here but I don’t… Its Friday the Thirteenth and I just got a story for the challenge. “Illegitimi non carborundum” – General “Vinegar Joe” Stilwell


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