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IamNoMan’s Selfie Project

Today I discovered a blog called AYearInTheTrees. I paged through the blog. It is very Creative. I Appreciate Creativity. Day 1 said: “Start Small, make something that fits in the palm of your hand”. (you should consider following this blog. It has a picture and a tiny amount of text. It doesn’t take much time to do so).

Earlier this year I had seen a video made by a friend of mine who lives in Finland. His name is Rob: This: New Year Resolution 2014 (The Selfie, the Goal and the Pass) Weekend words #11. ( It runs for 7.36).

It gave me an Idea! I Started This Project: IamNoMan Selfie Project. It is a different kind of Blog because it uses a Video Format. (Warning this will run for a long time. This is IamNoMan’s idea of elevator music. He has a twisted sense of humor! After you watch/listen for a while you may want to stop it. You can always come back here later. Maybe you should bookmark this thread).

I used my fingers and my mouse. I think they all can fit in the palm of my hand. Imitation is the Highest form of Praise!

I am just starting to explore the use of the Internet in a cost and time effective manner.  I have been disabled since birth. My Parents Mainstreamed me before this term was even coined. I like to do things on my own, my own way. I make a lot of mistakes. I reinvent the the wheel a lot too! There is a pay-off at the end. I have learned the process. Any knowledge I gain can then be used by me and others at little or no cost in time or energy. I think it is time well spent. Thanks Marge and Tom; I know you received a lot of grief and criticism for Mainstreaming me. I think it was worth it. I Love you.


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