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SATURDAY JULY 18, 2015 Dawn to Dusk

Hacketts Park Pavilion, Easton PA


Ukulele Players, their friends and families are invited to an old fashioned picnic on July 18th 2015 at Hacketts Park Pavilion Easton PA. Bring your ukuleles, chairs, picnic lunch, Potluck dish for dinner, say 5-ish. There will be music making and singing all day. Song Circle and Performer’s Open Stage are planned, (No electric power for amplification though). If you would like to lead a workshop, fine! let me know what you have in mind. Hacketts Park has  a ball field lovely lawns and walking paths leading down to Bushkill Creek. A lovely hill suitable for kids activities. A real nice park.

So whats this S.T.R.U.M. thing all about anyway?

Seasons Of The Ukulele is an on-line Ukulele oriented folk club assoSOTU310x364ciated with UKULELE UNDERGROUND. Members create Music Videos each week based on a theme suggested by a volunteer EmCee. Once you have posted a music video you are a member. It is as simple as that. I Joined during Christmas week last year. Some of the members from New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania thought it might be a good idea to have a Seasonistas Tristate Regional Ukulele Meetup S.T.R.U.M. this Year. The Lehigh Valley was chosen for minimal travel times to the event.

Here is a playlist of videos from a recent Season of the Ukulele to give you a taste of what things are like:

Hope to see you at Hacketts Park on the 18th of  July!

If you have further questions leave a comment below. I’ll get back to you


2 thoughts on “S.T.R.U.M. UKULELE PICNIC

  1. L says:

    Just saw the forecast which says scattered thunderstorms for Saturday. Is there a way for you to let everyone know if it the jam is on, postponed (rain date) or off? (And by what time you might be making that decision.) Thanks so much. L


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