Ten Rules for a happy marriage


1. The Wife is the Boss. She makes the rules.
2. When you understand the rules, the woman is obligated to change them. See Rule 1
3. Always listen! It doesn’t mean you hear what the OP is saying. But when you ask the OP to repeat what they said, make sure they understand you always listen, Its just that you don’t always hear. 
4. Take separate vacations once in a while. 
5. If a man is in the woods and no woman is around for miles and miles  is everything he says and does still wrong? -Of course you are a man!
6. Go out of your way to create romantic situations and encounters. Its not out of your way anyhow.
7. Learn to cook. “Cooking lasts, Kissing Don’t” – That’s not really true but learn to cook anyway!
8. Chocolate!
9. When you are totally confused, emotionally drained, and haven’t a clue see rule 2.
10. Amor Omnia Vincit – The Wife of Bath’s Tattoo.

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2 thoughts on “Ten Rules for a happy marriage

  1. Two and five are my favorite. =)

    There are still 7,147 likes notices I have been trying to open in my inbox from the last 12 months, Tommy, and I am knee-deep in preparation for my next series while juggling homeschooling. I do not mentor people foremost because I don’t feel qualified: there are bloggers with a larger subscriber base than mine. I do offer free blogging advice out of the 22 months of my blogging, which both new and veteran bloggers have found greatly useful. Tap any title on my board to open up the sidebar and you’ll see BLOGGING under my topics. I’m glad you’re seeing your projects air-borne. Thank you so much for reading.


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